January 2016 Favorites: Beauty, Fandom & Random


Hello my friends!

Instead of doing monthly beauty favorites, I figured I would do a monthly round-up of my favorite (and some not so favorite) things from all categories. I have so many things I love that aren’t beauty related and want to share them with all of you!

Let’s get started!


I actually had a pretty miserable cold for part of January so I don’t have a ton of makeup to share, but I did use some excellent skin care products.


MyChelle Dermaceuticals Fruit Enzyme Scrub (vegan) I received this in a Petit Vour Box and I have to say I’m really glad I had this on hand. It was the perfect gentle exfoliator for my jacked up skin due to my cold. If you have sensitive skin you may want to give this scrub a try.


Pelle Beauty Luxe Beauty Balm (vegan) This is another jewel I received in a Petit Vour box! If you’ve been around awhile you know I love Pelle Beauty’s Stellar Facial Oil so I expected to love the Luxe Balm and of course I did! What I really love about it was that in the aftermath of my cold and the weather in Florida going from being in the 40’s up to the 70’s in the space of a few days my skin has been freaking out. I have been using the Luxe Balm to spot treat some dry patches. It’s AMAZING!


Kiss My Sass Perfume Oil in Fireside Chai (vegan) Kiss My Sass is one of my favorite cruelty free/vegan friendly indie companies. All of my perfume is from Kiss My Sass and Fireside Chai is the latest addition to my collection.



This is not a favorite. I am so ANNOYED Doctor Who has been pulled from Netflix and Hulu! I’ve gotten used to being able to pull up my favorite episodes on demand and I’m bummed they are gone. I’ve heard the rumours that BBC is going to offer a streaming service, but that may take awhile and in the meantime no Who marathons for me.



While I was sick it gave me a chance to catch up on a book series I’ve been reading off and on for a few years. I just finished book 8 in the Charley Davidson Series. The series starts in First Grave on the Right. If you read the Stephanie Plum novels and liked them, you will probably love this series. Charley is a Private Investigator who is also the Grim Reaper and sometimes she helps the departed with unfinished business. It’s a totally addicting and fun read.

Well, that is a wrap on January’s Beauty, Fandom and Random, have you tried anything in my post? Are you as upset about Doctor Who as I am?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!


Non Beauty Favorites

Hello my friends!

When I first started reviewing products I did a Monthly Favorites post, but that quickly started to feel like a burden of having to purchase, try and desperately find something I could call my favorite for that month, so I dropped the series. I am not going to start up with monthly favorites, but I do want to start doing favorite posts approximately every 3-4 months.

With that said, what I have for you today is random items I have been OBSESSED with since my last favorite post.  This post will only contain non beauty items, but future favorites posts will be a mix of everything. Are you guys ready to get started? Okay, here we go!

First up is The Hillywood Show.

If you have a fandom, chances are they have done an EXCELLENT parody based on it. Supernatural, Doctor Who, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries and a ton more! I also love their behind the scenes videos they release after each parody. If you want to be truly sucked into a YouTube wormhole search for Supernatural/Doctor Who/etc Reaction Videos. Fans always film their first watch of the parodies because Hillywood pick the best reaction for a prize. Check these out:

(Spoilers for Supernatural through mid Season 10 and for all of Tennant’s time as The Doctor)

Each Parody from Hilly and Hannah is amazing and I could easily list them all as favorites, but then this post would be super long!

Up next is the Fox Comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Now, I have seen gifs on Tumblr of this show and they always seemed amusing, but how did I not know that this show is insanely laugh out loud funny! Trent and I have been getting caught up on Hulu and it is amazing. If you were a fan of Scrubs and haven’t started this show go to Hulu right now and get busy!

Finally, here are the books that I have been loving:


Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. She is the writer for one of my favorite faith based blogs. Every time I have read something on her blog or in one of her two other books, I feel myself saying “Yes, me too. Finally!!” Highly recommend!


Live From New York: The Complete Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live This is a LONG book, but I think they interviewed everyone still alive who had anything to do with SNL. Nobody pulls any punches and it’s fascinating to read what each person in one of the many feuds/firings etc felt about their situation. If you are an SNL fan and love to get behind the scenes info, check this out!


Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) Jenny’s first memoir (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened) made me cry from laughing the first time I read it and I still laugh a lot the times I have reread it. I’m not sure why I thought reading Furiously Happy in the parent pickup line at Liam’s school would be a good idea because I was laughing so hard, I was gasping loudly for air and had to put the book down, so no one thought I was crazy. If you are an introvert, have anxiety issues or have dealt with mental illness/depression you need to read her books. It’s nice to read about someone with some of the same anxieties I have and recognize bits of myself.


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I actually just finished this book and plan to start the KonMari Method next week. The way Marie has her categories laid out is so simple and makes so much sense! Now, there are some cultural differences, she advises thanking each item for their service or lesson they taught you when you get rid of it and I’m not likely to do that, but I love the idea of touching each item in the category you are working on to see if they “spark joy” for you. I plan on doing a post reviewing the book and the KonMari Method after I have finished working through everything, or I may possibly do several update posts as I make progress, I’m not sure yet.


Echo Prophecy by Lindsey Fairleigh Okay, so was anyone else obsessed with Ancient Egypt and archeology as a kid? I sure was! This is the first novel in a trilogy that deals with modern day archeologists, Immortal Egyptians, time travel and some romance. There is a short novella that has been released that comes after Echo Prophecy and the second novel in the trilogy has also been released (I’m about to start it), the final book hasn’t been released yet, but I’m hoping soon. Echo Prophecy was a very fast/easy read and I can’t wait to finish this trilogy. If you are looking for something fun to read, try this series!

Okay guys, that is all of my non beauty favorites, what did you think? See anything you like? Have any recommendations for things I should add to my long list of “stuff to try”?

Thanks so much for reading!

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September 2014 Favorites

september favorites

Sorry I am a few days late!

September was a weird month for me beauty wise. I kept things pretty minimal, but here are the products I was using the most!


It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation I am going to have a full review on this foundation, but I loved it this month for it’s quick application and staying power!


Wet n Wild’s Melrose at Night (swatches here). When I wore eyeshadow at all this month, this is what I grabbed. I love the colors and I love using the Definer shade as eyeliner. I really probably should buy a back up of this palette since they are limited edition!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI usually have a problem with dry, flaky, chapped lips when the seasons change and I am taking preventative action this year! I have been using LUSH’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub & Mi-Me Tangerine Lip Butter all month and love how soft my lips have become thanks to this duo! (Check out my August Petit Vour Post for more info on the Mi-Me Lip Butter!) I had to dig the lip butter out of my purse for this picture (you can see from the ink marks on the label,it has been well loved) because I carry it with me everywhere!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have finally used up my samples from Rose Mira. I love the Citrus Blossom I-Restore Eye Cream (review here) and the Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream. These samples lasted a long time and I can’t wait to get full sizes of these items. My under eye area and face are the most moisturized they have been in a long time thanks to these products!

My favorite good for me snack items this month were:

Snikiddy's Eat Your Vegetables in Sea Salt. Liam hasn't tried this yet, but I have and really like it! As someone who is not a veggie eater, I wouldn't have thought I would like something  made of veggies, but this is good! Going to try more! Gluten Free, Vegan

Snikiddy’s Eat Your Vegetables in Sea Salt. Gluten Free, Vegan

Nature's All Foods Freeze Dried Apples . THESE ARE SO YUMMY!  Gluten Free, Vegan

Nature’s All Foods Freeze Dried Apples . THESE ARE SO YUMMY! Gluten Free, Vegan

That wraps it up for September Favorites! What have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading!