Bite Beauty & Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tip!


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Hello Friends!

I traded in some of my kicks (points) from the Shop Kick app for a Sephora Gift Card.  Are you guys using Shop Kick?  It is awesome and you need to download it to your phone right now!  You basically get points for walking into Target, JC Penny and other stores.  Some stores have items to scan in the app for more points.  When you get enough points, you can choose a gift card.  They have all different options and best of all, it is all free!

I decided to take the opportunity to buy something from Bite Beauty.  I walked into Sephora and asked for something that was a My Lips But Better product and the associate lit up and got so excited about Bite Beauty’s new BB for Lips.  She also told me that Bite Beauty is made from Food Grade ingredients and that if you wanted to, you could safely eat the products in the Bite Beauty Line.  Then she laughed and said: “I can’t think of a scenario where you would need to eat it though”.  Of course, my brain immediately went to “Zombies!”  When the Zombie Apocalypse happens and food supplies are getting low, we can raid abandoned Sephora’s for Bite Beauty Products!  There you go people, when we are all roaming the earth Walking Dead Style, remember this post!

Now back to the product review!

This product is 24.00 at Sephora.  I chose the shade Tawny, which is described as a dusty pink.  Per Sephora’s Website:

Essential for the look and feel of just-kissed, healthy, and hydrated lips, this color-rich balm repairs, primes, and protects with SPF 15. Natural lip repair lipids mimic the lips’ natural surface to revitalize, replenish, and restore texture for the ultimate softness. 

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 I am really impressed with this balm.  This really is a very pretty wash of color that I can easily wear every day. The minute I apply it to my lips, my brain shuts down because it feels so moisturizing!

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This was my first high end lip product purchase.  I usually stick with drugstore because it’s cheaper and I didn’t believe there could be much of a difference.  In this case, I was wrong.  The Bite Beauty BB For Lips feels better than any balm I have purchased previously and I really love it!  I do want to try other products from Bite Beauty to see if the high quality is continued in the other products in the line.

I would happily recommend this product to anyone!

Would I pay 24.00 out of pocket for another balm?  I am not sure I could do it without a gift card due to my cheapness.  However, they do offer a  Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo for 12.00 that I may try.

Have you tried any Bite Beauty products?  What did you think?  Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?? 🙂

Thanks for reading!