It’s been awhile

It has been a few weeks since I posted.  Here is a quick rundown of Liam’s progress:

He has had a mini-word explosion!  He has started actually calling me Mama!  Also, he can count and identify his numbers 1-9.  He can also identify and say some shapes.  His favorite shape is the oval, but he can say square, rectangle, triangle and we are still working on saying circle (he can point it out just fine).  He loves Little Einsteins and will say and do their little “pat pat pat…blast off” .  Also, ducks say “quack quack”.  We have also been making sure he can say and identify all these new words in different presentations and HE CAN!!  We worked on shape names from a coloring book and not just his puzzle that he loves.  He can find and say numbers anywhere and not just with his fridge magnets at home.

He has also started saying “please”, “more”, and “all done” in context and not just signing them. I was trying to describe to some of my girlfriends what it is like when Liam just busts out with words and the closest thing I could find was an out-of-body experience.  I seriously feel like I am floating outside of my head.

In other news I am up to date with Doctor Who and have tried to rope Trent into watching it.  I am re-watching it with him & he made it through all of Season One and some of Season 2 but he isn’t sure he likes it.  I just said “Oh okay” and then I got up in the middle of the night last weekend and he had watched another episode on Netflix.  HAHA RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! You can not resist the mad man and his box for long!  He said some of the episodes are too goofy and I just again said “okay” but I know he will cave! 🙂

Well, that is the quick and dirty run down of the last few weeks.  I’m back in the (blogging) saddle.  Liam is going to be three next month.  Holy crap.  So I am busy planning his party AND psyching myself up for his IEP meeting for his transition from Early Steps to the school system….YIKES!


Technology is hard….or my total lack of techyness

So Liam will be three years old at the end of March.  I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that!

Since he is still mostly non-verbal (although we are hearing more words!) we are thinking of getting him a tablet to help with his communication while we are working on more verbal words.  Here is my problem though…I know NOTHING about tablets.  I don’t even have a smart phone.  There are like a gazillion tablets and apps out there.  Should I go with an iPad?  If I do go with an Apple product should I get a full size iPad or a new iPad mini?  Should I go with a Droid based tablet?  Does it matter since Liam is not yet three?

So internet give me your wisdom because when it comes to picking …

bad at decisions


Liam Speaks

Trent and I were getting Liam ready for bed earlier this week and I grabbed his Teddy Bear off the couch and asked if he wanted his teddy.  Liam looked at me and looked at the bear and said “Teddy”.  I quickly gave him the bear and he said it again!  I looked over at Trent and said “Did you hear??” Trent said “Yes!”  We let Liam hold Teddy while we were getting his PJs on and he said “Teddy” several more times.

I also had a report from his teacher at school that on Thursday during music when they were singing a song about a dog that Liam said dog!

Liam has also been playing appropriately with dolls, horses and dinosaurs.  When playing with horses we can even get  him to repeat us and make a “neigh” sound.

Progress tends to comes in spurts and thenwill  even out for a while, but we will happily take whatever we can get!