Update on Liam

We recently went back for Liam’s Re-Evaluation with the Developmental Pediatrician.  He took back the PDD-NOS diagnosis and officially gave him an Autism diagnosis.  Which was hard.  It is so easy to get sucked into our new normal and I know that PDD and Autism are part of the same spectrum and that when the new DSM comes out there won’t even be an Autism/PDD diagnosis anymore it was just hard (that is really the only word I can think to use).

He has made huge improvements though!  His language has jumped from a 7-9 month old level to a 12-14 month old level since the first time we were at the Dev. Pedi which is awesome.  He still uses his signs and he can verbally say “No”…which he does…a LOT!  He can also verbally count to four.  He does is spontaneously and at random times (climbing the stairs, counting fingers and toys) which is awesome!  He knows some of his body parts and likes lots of music.

The progress is awesome but there is still a lot of work to do.  He still doesn’t say “Mama or Daddy” or lots of other things but we are trying to move forward.

We are also going to be having Liam tested for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) due to some white skin tags Liam’s Geneticist found under a black light when she examined him.  His initial blood work came back normal but we had to wait for that to come back before we could test for the TSC thanks to insurance.  So for now it’s more waiting.



Liam’s Story

My son Liam will be two next week.  Holy Crap.

As I mentioned earlier he has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS.  We started the journey to get a diagnosis when we realized that at 15 months he didn’t have any words.  He was vocal but not verbal.  That boy could babble like nobody’s business but he never said words.

We decided to have him evaluated by our local Early Intervention Office.  They very quickly agreed that he needed services and got us going with Liam’s ITDS.  We see her once a week.  They also have us see a Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist 1x a month.  This was before Liam had his diagnosis so I am hoping when we have his re-evaluation with EI we can get more services.

We called and got on the waiting list to see the Developmental Pediatrician at our local CARD office.  Liam was seen and evaluated at 20 months.  They told us that he was on the Severe end of PDD-NOS due to his lack of language.  His Visual Spatial Skills (problem solving) were right on track with his age group but his Receptive Language skills (ex: the inner monologue you have to tell you something is a bad idea) were that of a 9 month old.  They want us to come back every 6 months for the next few years for him to be evaluated again because of the huge gap in his skill set. 

There has been progress though in the last few months! 

We have several signs that Liam has learned “please”, “more”, “candy” and we are also doing very well with “cracker” and “cookie”.  He is very motivated by food.  He has gotten much better at responding when his name is called, which was a huge problem. 

We also have heard him vocally repeat words while in therapy.  He has repeated “in”, “up”, “down” and “beep beep” while playing in a huge fire truck on the playground. 

So we know he is capable, we just have to keep on trying until he has his light bulb moment.  I absolutely believe it will come!

Don’t Judge Me (Please?)

Just a quick note to start with…please don’t judge my spelling/grammar in these posts.  I will mostly be writing at night after I have my Sleepy Time Tea (which is awesome) so I don’t usually edit.

Well it’s March and Liam’s birthday is in two weeks!  I decided to update because I have some time since most of my TV shows have been in hiatus for a few weeks.

Liam has been making very good progress with using signs.  We have “please”, “more” and “candy” (we use yogurt covered raisins for his candy).  We are currently working on “cracker” and “cookie”.  Food seems to be Liam’s biggest motivator for now.  When we try and work on the signs for “ball” or “bubbles” he gets annoyed and decides to play with something else.  Another good update is he is babbling more and will occasionally repeat word sounds when “K” (Liam’s Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist ITDS) works with him.  Just today we heard “up” and “beep beep”.  SCORE!