Weekly Wrap Up

So I haven’t been around much this week due to it being Liam’s Spring Break, so here is a very quick recap:

We tried potty training with Liam and while he seemed more interested than last time, he still wasn’t quite ready. So I will try again with Liam this summer.

We also celebrated Liam’s 4th birthday this weekend! I can not believe my baby is 4.  It is unreal.

In a bout of what can only be temporary insanity I joined a gym this week.  My first session with the trainer is Monday. I may include some future blog posts about how the training and exercising is going.

That is pretty much all that happened this week 🙂  Thank you for reading!



I’m pretty sure my trainer and I will have a similar conversation tomorrow! Source



Potty Training

Liam is officially on spring break so on Monday we are going to try potty training again.

We tried a few months ago and it took us three days to get him used to not having a diaper on and to even sit on the toilet.  We went from him screaming for the 1 minute I had him sit, to being able to sit calmly for 5 minutes like it was no big deal.  Which with his having autism any big life changes are really hard.  So I was really pleased with his progress!

We are going to start first thing on Monday with the three day method.  If we don’t get it this week, we will try again this summer.  I will probably scroll through my various blog feeds but may only have time to like your post and not comment.  I will update when I get a chance.

Here are some random gifs/pics that will be describing my situation come Monday:

Thanks for reading and if you remember think happy thoughts for me on Monday!

P.S.  Just as a general warning do not EVER go on tumblr and search for potty training gifs.  Seriously.  I saw things that can never be unseen and I feel like I need to bleach my brain.