So Tired

I apologize for the lack of posts lately! Liam has been going through a not sleeping cycle for the last week or so and I am just exhausted!

Some kids with autism seem to require less sleep than neurotypical kids. Which means that every once in awhile Liam stops sleeping through the night. He will sleep for a few hours and then be up for three to four hours and then sleep for a little while longer and then be awake for school. It is basically like have a four year old who is randomly back on an infant sleep schedule.

When Liam slips into his not sleeping through the night cycle, it means I don’t sleep either. Trent has been working crazy hours, so he hasn’t been available for me to go to bed early to get a jump on sleep before Liam wakes up, so I am very zombie like right now.

I do have several posts that are mostly finished but whenever I start working on them, I start to look like this:

So, once I get more than three hours of sleep at a time, I will be back to posting on schedule, in the meantime, please have patience with me as I push through the next few days!


Thanks for reading!






Potty Training

Liam is officially on spring break so on Monday we are going to try potty training again.

We tried a few months ago and it took us three days to get him used to not having a diaper on and to even sit on the toilet.  We went from him screaming for the 1 minute I had him sit, to being able to sit calmly for 5 minutes like it was no big deal.  Which with his having autism any big life changes are really hard.  So I was really pleased with his progress!

We are going to start first thing on Monday with the three day method.  If we don’t get it this week, we will try again this summer.  I will probably scroll through my various blog feeds but may only have time to like your post and not comment.  I will update when I get a chance.

Here are some random gifs/pics that will be describing my situation come Monday:

Thanks for reading and if you remember think happy thoughts for me on Monday!

P.S.  Just as a general warning do not EVER go on tumblr and search for potty training gifs.  Seriously.  I saw things that can never be unseen and I feel like I need to bleach my brain.