Why I went with Cruelty Free Makeup


This is Kiefer…the handsomest of all handsome men.  Also, an excellent napper.

Not that anyone who may read this cares, but here are some of the reasons for my decision.

Just to be clear, this is just for me personally.  I am not judging anyone who doesn’t follow my guidelines for what to buy/not buy and hope that people who are stricter than me will give me the same courtesy.   So here we go!

I never really thought about makeup.  Yes, occasionally I would walk into a Sephora and come out with a new something or other, but I never really tried to learn how to do anything special (or even how to do an everyday look).  Well, for my New Year’s Resolution I decided to get over it and try and wear some makeup every day.  I am also a nerd.  Which means I researched the heck out of products and how to videos on YouTube.  I stumbled on Phyrra’s channel and I realized I had never once thought about how makeup was made.  I had no clue that some companies tested on animals.  I was totally flabbergasted.  So of course I went into research mode.

I have epilepsy, and in order to live a seizure free life and be able to drive and take care of my family, I have to take medication every day.  I hate animal testing in any form, but it would be hypocritical of me not to acknowledge that the medication that allows me to live a “normal” life was probably tested on animals.  So for me, the idea of paying for makeup that was tested on animals made me a little sick.  I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but I don’t want to support anymore cruelty to animals than I have to. My medication is a necessity but makeup is not.  Does that make sense?  I don’t even know because I took some night time cold medicine awhile ago and I’m feeling a little rambly.

I have decided to adopt Phyrra’s Policy as my own while I continue to research and make my way into this whole makeup world. To read Phyrra’s Cruelty Free list along with what brands she supports go check out this post 

Thanks for reading!