Cruelty Free Holiday 2015 Gift Guide

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Hello my friends!!

So today, I wanted to share with you some items that would make great gift ideas for someone who is into cruelty free makeup and skincare OR gifts that you can give to someone who may not necessarily be cruelty free but you want to introduce them to some great cruelty free options.

Everything on this list is something I have either tried in the past and love or I’m anxiously waiting to get my hands on it!

Let’s get started!

First up is my favorite beauty item from last year, Pelle Beauty’s Stellar Multitasking Facial Oil ($30-$45 Vegan Friendly).

p661287427-4_grandeThis oil can do pretty much everything from removing makeup, being your facial moisturizer, to using on your hair to tame frizz and flyaways. It is AMAZING and I love it and will be ordering more soon!!

Now, you may be worried about picking a skincare item for someone else because everyone’s skin is different right? Well Pelle Beauty has you covered there with their Sidekick Collection ($45.00 Vegan Friendly).

PelleSideKick_grandeThe Sidekick Collection is a sampling of all their facial oils, so you can give this to your loved one and let them figure out which oil is their favorite. I may buy this myself because I know that I love Stellar, but I still want to try the other oils!

My last skincare recommendation is a Ole Henriksen kit on QVC, Celebrate Your Glow ($55 Cruelty Free).

a338731In this kit you get three 1oz items: Pure Truth Melting Cleanser, Truth Serum, and Truth Creme Advanced Hydration. Of the three, I have only tried the Truth Serum (it’s really good), but would love to try the other two items in the kit. A 1oz size of the Truth Serum on the Ole Henriksen website is $48 so this kit is a really good value!!

Another great gift is a Petit Vour Subscription*!


Petit Vour* is a vegan and cruelty free monthly subscription box. In each box you will receive at least four vegan makeup, skincare or haircare items. A monthly subscription is $15.00/month, but you can gift a three month prepaid subscription for $45 or a six month prepaid subscription for $90. The three month and six month plans are not recurring, so once the plans run out, you don’t have to worry about your card being charged again. I LOVE getting my pink Petit Vour box each month and the value of  each box is always more than the $15 cost!

If you are feeling like venturing into the world of cruelty free lipstick, I would highly recommend checking out Lipstick Queen ($20-$55 Cruelty Free)!


You can find Lipstick Queen at Ulta, QVC and on the Lipstick Queen website. The Lipstick Queen line can be fairly expensive with the price ranging from $20-$55 depending on which lipstick you want to try, but they do offer duos and trios which is a more affordable way to build a collection! I personally own Jean Queen, Saint Rose, Saint Wine and Medieval. I really love them all and look forward to trying more from this line.

Not ready to spend that kind of money on lipstick? ColourPop (Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly, check their FAQ for non vegan items) has you covered!


ColourPop has three Holiday Collections that are $30 each. In the lip kit (pictured above) you get six lip products for $30 and the quality of ColourPop makeup is awesome. If you don’t care for the items in the collections, you can scroll through their individual items and make your own little stocking stuffers. None of ColourPop’s individual items is over $10. Budget friendly, great quality and lots of vegan options!

My last item for you, is on my personal wish list it is the Tartelette 2 In Bloom Palette by Tarte at Ulta.


It’s not even out yet and I want it. It looks so pretty! I just picked up the first Tartelette Palette for my birthday (I know late to the party, what else is new?) and I love it! So when it was announced they were releasing the sequel this month at Ulta, I knew I wanted it. I have been obsessively stalking all the super popular YouTubers waiting for someone to release swatches early, but so far no luck.

What is on your cruelty free holiday wish list? Let me know down in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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Liam playing with his Felt Christmas Tree

We haven’t decorated for Christmas at our house in 6 years or so.  Trent and I are both kind of grumps that way.  However, this year Liam is two and even though we aren’t doing a real tree until next year we did put up a few decorations.  We are easing very slowly into the Christmas spirit.  I plan on getting more stuff for next year at all the after Christmas sales.



Liam’s Christmas Tree

I am feeling super accomplished people!  I am NOT a crafty person and yet I managed to use some scissors and a glue gun fairly well!

We decided to wait one more year before putting up a “real” Christmas Tree with lights and glass/easily breakable ornaments. However, I did want to do some kind of Christmas this year.  So we are going with a “Liam Friendly Christmas” (or hard to break) theme.

Behold my masterpiece:

I still want to make a few more ornaments with different colors but I am feeling pretty good right now!