My BareMinerals Foundation Disaster

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Hello Friends!

Before I can get into my review of the BareSkin Serum Foundation I need to take you way way back to the distant past. Many years ago before you could purchase BareMinerals in Ulta, Sephora, or actual BareMinerals boutiques you could really only buy the brand via an infomercial. I ordered the starter kit with the Original Powder Foundation (there was no pressed anything much less liquid formulas in these dark times). I quickly discovered I was allergic because the Original Foundation made me want to scratch my face off.

Jump to many years later when BareMinerals Boutiques were popping up in malls and they released a Matte version of their powder foundation. I decided to try the new formulation when the sales associate told me that people who were allergic to the Original had no problem with the Matte version and I found that for me that was true! Yay! I eventually moved on to different foundations but in the back of my mind I’ve always remembered my reaction to the Original and whenever I tried a new item from BareMinerals I always did an allergy check before applying to my whole face.

This past November I tried and fell in love with the BareMinerals BareSkin Concealer. I didn’t have a reaction to the allergy test and have never had an issue using the concealer on my face. When I recently bought the BareSkin Serum Foundation I was way over confident because of my love of the concealer and skipped the allergy testing I normally do with this brand.


The itching started right away but I wanted to tough it out to give a review. I made it about 15 minutes with the foundation applied to my face before my eyes and nose flipped the heck out. This was way worse than any itching I had with the Original foundation. I washed my face, popped some benadryl and took this picture 45 minutes later:

CROPPED EYES My eyes were STILL watering! I will say that before the full on allergy attack I thought the foundation applied nicely and looked natural. I do want to give people a heads up that if you also had issues with the Original Powder Foundation to get a sample and do a patch test!

For now, I will be sticking to the BareSkin Concealer and Bare Minerals lip products which have never given me any problems.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to makeup? Tell me all about it!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “My BareMinerals Foundation Disaster

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about having reactions to BareMinerals products which is kind of strange since they’re marketed as being a very natural brand – I wonder why it is? I’ve never tried anything from BareMinerals except for one of their Marvelous Moxie lipglosses that I got from Ulta as my free birthday gift, but luckily no allergic reactions have resulted from me using that! I’m a little hesitant to try any of their face products though, since I’d rather not deal with one of these horror stories happening to me. So sorry that happened, but thanks for the warning! 🙂

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    • If you have allergies I would 100% recommend doing a patch test. It’s weird that I can use the loose Matte Foundation and the BareSkin Concealer with no issues but the original loose foundation and the BareSkin Foundation make me want to scratch my skin off. I’ve never had any issues with BM lip products either.

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