Lipstick Queen Eden (aka my new obsession)


Purchased by me

Hello Friends!

Lip products are probably my favorite makeup item and Lipstick Queen is my favorite brand when I want to splurge and as soon as I saw a picture of Eden I knew it had to be mine!

The crazy thing is red lipstick has always scared me. I first dipped my toe into the red lipstick pool with Lipstick Queen’s Medieval. Medieval is a tinted lip treatment and is described as a red that anyone can wear. They aren’t joking when it’s described as sheer because Medieval is VERY sheer. In the comparison swatch below I had to use 4 swipes of Medieval to get it opaque enough to get a good picture.

After Medieval I started trying different red lip products from various companies (the Sephora bday gift was NARS Cruella this past year which I really enjoyed) and then Lipstick Queen released Eden and I ordered it without swatching it just based on this description: The color is a vibrant and juicy, semi-sheer red that makes you look like you’ve taken a bite from the most beautiful apple in the world. This easy-to-wear shade flatters every complexion from fair to dark, bringing out a rosy blush in the cheek and a twinkle in the eye. That just sounds like a beautiful lipstick! Spoiler Alert: It Is! In the swatch picture I used two swipes of Eden. This photo was taken in direct sunlight.


There are a few green sparkles that you can see if you were to swatch it in person (if you look really hard) but there are so few of them they don’t show up on the lip at all.

cropped lipstick queen eden

Eden is very easy to apply and wears down pretty evenly. I’ve found it also has a slight staining effect so that even after eating or normal wear time there is still a hint of color. In the lip swatch pic I had just reapplied it after eating, which is why you can see a few patchy bits I missed on my bottom lip.

I have been wearing Eden pretty much constantly since it arrived. If you are someone who is nervous about reds, I would 100% recommend Eden.

Do you have a favorite red lipstick? Tell me all about it!

Thanks for reading!


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