Cruelty Free Beauty Products I Will Always Repurchase


Items Purchased By Me

Hello Friends!

Today I want to talk to you about the products that I have in my stash at all times. I love these products so much that the only reason I would ever not repurchase them would be if they gave up their cruelty free status.

These six items are the backbone of my beauty routine. Let’s get started!

cropped group

First up is Stellar Multitasking Facial Oil by Pelle Beauty. I know $30 for 15 mL of product sounds expensive, but if you are on a budget I think you should still try it out. This oil is truly multitasking. You can use it as a light weight moisturizer but it can also remove eye makeup and it’s excellent and dealing with fly away/frizzy hair. I LOVE this product. If you still don’t want to drop $30 you can get a small travel size, but I am telling you that you will want to trade up for a larger size.

It Cosmetics CC Cream It is no secret around here that I can’t be without this CC Cream. I actually order the super size version when they have it on QVC. I’m actually stressing because my next auto-delivery of the super size on QVC is scheduled for the first week of July when we will be on vacation.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed  Another hit by It Cosmetics. I use this to set my concealer and in my t-zone. It’s awesome. It’s I’ve hit major pan and am getting ready to purchase another one awesome. FYI QVC sells this as a duo with one of their amazing brushes. It’s an excellent deal.

cropped bye bye pores open

ColourPop eyeshadow in Hanky Panky. Once again, not a surprise. This is my everyday 5 minute face eyeshadow.

Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm I put this balm on first thing when I wake up every morning. When it’s time to apply whatever my lip product of the day happens to be, my lips are moisturized and ready.

Last but not least is the BareMinerals bareSkin Concealer I just finished up my current tube and I’m getting ready to open my backup tube. It’s the best concealer I have tried (including It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye). It’s moisturizing and easy to blend.

I know this wasn’t a super exciting post with lots of new launches but I always love hearing which products someone could never be without, so I wanted to share mine. I find it’s a great way (for me) to add products to my try someday list.

Now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comment section which of your products are an automatic repurchase.

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Beauty Products I Will Always Repurchase

  1. I love Burt’s Bees too but recently discovered the brand Hurraw! Have you tried them? I think I like them better than Burts, which is saying something. I bought mine at Amazon …I like that they have coconut oil in them, which feels a bit less waxy!

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  2. This was so fun and such a great idea! Quick question about the balm. Does it have a flavor!? If so, what can you best relate it to? I’m looking for something that has as little a flavor/scent as possible.

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