Collect Teables: Agatha ChrisTea & ShakeSpearmint


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Hello Friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have an obsession with tea. I love tea the way some people love Starbucks. I generally have a cup in the morning and when I need a little help unwinding I will have a cup before bed.

When Collect Teables gave me the chance to try two of their teas I was excited. However, when I realized their Earl Grey was called Agatha ChrisTea and the Mint tea was called ShakeSpearmint the book lover in me freaked out. Two of my favorite things colliding!

The teas come in bags (they aren’t loose leaf) which makes them perfect to take in a travel mug or to keep stashed in your desk at work! Not only do I love the tea names and artwork, the actual tea is lovely.

This is a small company that is just getting started and I plan on following their inevitable rise to tea-nerd fame! They also have a tea book/organizer that I’m really wanting to buy.

Have you guys tried any good tea lately? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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