Brand Overview: Laura Geller Primers & Foundations


Nothing to Disclose

I know I’ve been away for awhile but real life has been insane. One of Liam’s tubes has fallen behind his eardrum and he needs to have surgery to remove it, it’s time for his yearly IEP meeting at school AND the never ending fight with insurance and all of that adds up to crazy crazy stress.

Enough about real life, let’s talk Spackle and Foundation!

You can find part one of my Laura Geller Brand Overview here. As I said in part one, I bought several kits and other items on clearance after the holidays. Although the kits are no longer available everything I’m posting about is available in Laura Geller’s permanent line.

I will be comparing these items to similar items I own from It Cosmetics. I own a ton of It Cosmetics (because I love the brand) so that’s the easiest way to do a pro/con review.

I have two different versions of Laura Geller’s Spackle (primer). I have the Hydrating and Bronze. They are $32 each for 2 oz of product. I received Hydrating in a holiday kit and Bronze as a gift with purchase.


I am really enjoying the Hydrating Spackle. I think this works much better than the It Cosmetics No 50 (which is $48) as a primer. The It Cosmetics has a bunch of skin care ingredients, but I never really felt like it did anything to help my makeup, for me it always acted more as a skin care serum. I absolutely notice a difference when I use the Hydrating Spackle under the Balance-N-Brighten Foundation and under It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. I do want to try some of the other Spackle primers, but I would absolutely repurchase the Hydrating version.


As for the Bronze Spackle, I’m kind of confused about what to do with it. I’m glad it was a gift with purchase, because I would have returned it if I had paid for it. I am honestly not sure the best way to use it. I searched YouTube for reviews or tutorials and the only thing that came up was the Laura Geller presentation on QVC. I watched it and she did apply it to fair skinned girls without foundation and added blush on top. While it’s not super pigmented, there is enough of a pigment that it could possibly cause a contrast with your foundation shade. The only thing I can think to use it for would be pool days this summer if you want to even out your skin tone but don’t want to apply makeup. You guys tell me, am I just totally misunderstanding this product?


Now, onto the foundations!

Baked Balance-n-Brighten in Fair ($33 full size). I received a travel size of this foundation in the same kit as the Hydrating Spackle. I feel like this is a light-medium coverage foundation and if you are used to the fuller coverage of the It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation it could take awhile to adjust your expectations (it did for me). However, this foundation does exactly what it says, it balances and brightens. You will absolutely see your actual skin through it, but it makes your skin look amazing. I still have a lot of product in my It Cosmetics Celebration compact but I’m going to have to think hard when the time comes about whether to stick with that or purchase a full size of the Balance-n-Brighten, because they are both amazing for different reasons. Meanwhile, I will be adding my travel size Balance-n-Brighten to my gym bag.


Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation in Fair ($38) I purchased this from DermStore during a 30-40% off sale. This foundation is also very well named. Liquid Radiance is 100% what this foundation will give you. It has decent coverage (It Cosmetics CC Cream Illumination is more full coverage). Liquid Radiance and It Cosmetics Illumination are the same price. Liquid Radiance does not offer any SPF where It Cosmetics has SPF 50. I do think Liquid Radiance looks a bit more natural than the It Cosmetics Illumination, however living in Florida I really want SPF in my foundations. I’m undecided at this point if I would repurchase, mostly due to the lack of SPF.


I will say if it came down to the Original It Cosmetics CC Cream vs Laura Geller’s Liquid Radiance, the original It Cosmetics CC cream would absolutely win every time. Nothing I have tried so far can touch my love of the original It Cosmetics CC Cream.

That is a wrap on the second post in this brand overview. I have one more post left and it’s all about Laura Geller’s blushes (hint: they are AMAZING).

Have you tried any foundations or primers from Laura Geller? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!


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