July Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly Subscription Round Up (Petit Vour & Lip Addicts Anonymous)

Hello Friends!

Well, this has been a weird summer. I haven’t been around much on the blog due to just being super busy with Liam and really pushing potty training and also starting the 21 Day Fix program (I will be reviewing that in a few weeks). If I’m not putting up blog posts I’m almost always still posting to Instagram or Twitter, so make sure you are following me both places! When Liam starts school in a few weeks, I will be able to get back to a regular posting schedule!

Since I am super behind on blog posts I decided to combine this month’s Petit Vour and Lip Addicts Anonymous posts! Let’s get into the goodness!

Up first is the July Petit Vour Box. If you are unfamiliar with Petit Vour (referral link*) it is a luxury cruelty free and vegan beauty subscription service. It is $15.00 a month and you generally receive a mix of full size and/or deluxe sample sizes of makeup and skincare. I LOVE Petit Vour and highly recommend checking it out!


This month we received two full size items.

First up is a Nail Lacquer from Aila in Doolish ($17). This super pretty coral shade is 5-free, non-toxic and vegan! I have been wearing this on my fingers and toes since the moment it arrived! Just a reminder to those who have been here awhile and for any new friends, I am TERRIBLE at painting my fingernails so please forgive the less than stellar paint job 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cropped aila nails

Next up is the Mango Butter by Nubian Heritage ($13) I am usually pretty picky about body butter/lotion type products, for example I don’t tend to enjoy the scents of the various Body Shop lotions. Each lotion/body butter I have received from Petit Vour has been amazing and this is no exception! It smells yummy and feels so good! It’s also on sale at the Nubian Heritage site, so go check it out!


Since I live in super hot Florida mine melted in the mail and had to firm back up which is why it looks all bumpy.

Since I live in super hot Florida mine melted in the mail and had to firm back up which is why it looks all bumpy.

I have not had any luck getting a natural/vegan/cruelty free deodorant to work for me (possibly because I haven’t found one able to stand up to Florida), but I live in hope! I haven’t tried Sexy Sadie (sample $4) but I’m going to be testing it out soon!


The last item in July’s Petit Vour Box is Luxe de Mer’s Gentle Face Cleanser (sample $9.75) from Luxe de Mer: Our blend of rosewater, glycerine and essential oils is the perfect cleanser for all skin types. I haven’t tried it yet, but it is going into my skincare items to try bin and I will let you guys know how it works!


Now onto the Lip Addicts Anonymous (LAA) bag by Kiss My Sass Cosmetics (referral link*).


Kiss My Sass is my favorite cruelty free/vegan friendly indie makeup brand. I’m obsessed with their perfumes and eyeshadows. LAA is $8 a month plus shipping. My total is usually $10.25, if you decide to subscribe (AND YOU SHOULD) your total may be slightly different depending on the shipping method you choose. Each month we receive one exclusive to LAA full size lip product, an exclusive 20% off coupon to use on any order for the month, plus several samples. Occasionally we get candy (yay!) and items from other cruelty free (not always vegan) indie makeup brands. Let’s get into the good stuff!


The full size lip product this month is a Sheer Lip Glaze in Keep Calm & Love a Soldier ($8). Keep Calm & Love a Soldier is a mix of red, silver & blue shimmers. It is vegan, dye free. lip safe and has an apple pie flavor.


On to the samples!

As American as Apple Pie Soap ($1) Apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream & a caramel rum drizzle. Vegan, Contains dyes. They are not joking when they say it smells like apple pie. I haven’t used it yet because it’s so pretty and I’m hoarding it for a special occasion…I’m not sure what kind of special occasion but I guess I’ll know it when it happens!


The next two samples didn’t really do much for me, mostly because I’m too old to get away with the colors, but I will be gifting them to a few little girls in my life who will flip out!

Mermaid Lagoon Sheer Lip Glaze and Island Cocktails Sheer Lip Glaze ($2 each) Vegan, Contains Dyes, Coconut flavor and Island Cocktail flavor.




We also received two pieces of Apple Pie Taffy! There is only one in the picture above because I may have eaten the other piece immediately upon opening the bag (please don’t judge me).

Another extra we received this month was a sticker with a $5 coupon from Darling Girl Cosmetics another cruelty free indie company. I have already used my coupon and received my order (YAY!). I’m really impressed with the Darling Girl items so far, but just a warning that some of their items are not vegan, they very clearly list all ingredients for each product on their website so it’s easy to choose the products that are best for you!


Well, that’s it for this super long post! If you have made it to the end, thanks for sticking with me! I should have more of a normal schedule towards the middle of August!

Are you subscribed to Petit Vour or LAA? Did you see anything you wanted to try?

Thanks for reading!

*I do not receive money from the Kiss My Sass referral link. If you use the link to purchase something I receive points that can be used in the shop toward purchasing products. If you use the Petit Vour Link I would be compensated. Do not feel obligated to use these links!

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  1. OMG that’s it! I couldn’t figure out why the butter had such a yucky texture but that makes sense it totally melted in the FL air! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the smell though and am overlooking the texture 🙂 A girlfriend of mine at work makes butters and she says just to whip it to get the texture back.

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