#BreakYouMake with Chobani


I love Chobani Greek Yogurt. I use it for protein in smoothies (the pineapple and blood orange flavors work great in green smoothies) and the plain greek yogurt is a great ranch dressing alternative, so when Chobani challenged me to participate in the #BreakYouMake campaign I said absolutely!!

The #BreakYouMake Campaign is running throughout the month of June and it is a project that honors someone in your life who deserves to take a break. I knew immediately who I wanted to honor and that is this guy:

This handsome fella is my husband, Trent. Trent went back to school and became an electrician, which I could never have done because electrician = a ton of math. I hate math 🙂

He works overtime whenever it is available so that I can stay home with our son, Liam. He works hard every single day (without complaining!!) to make sure our family is taken care of and still makes time to hang out and have fun with our family. He is awesome and he 100% deserves a break!

10686878_10154750105980307_6635143695418888119_n 1469954_10154905504070307_268761470220100651_n

Who in your life deserves a break?

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