I Need Your Help: Wine Edition

cropped wine group

Hello my friends!

One of my goals for the year is to learn about wine. I never really got into drinking wine as a young adult because it was not a smart idea to mix alcohol and the medication I was on for my epilepsy. While it is still not a great idea to mix alcohol and seizure medication, the medicine I am on now would allow me to to occasionally have some wine if I chose.

Here is where you guys come in. What is a good starter wine for someone who has never tried it? My husband is a beer drinker so he is not much help. We are going to go to a wine tasting in St. Augustine for our next date night, but I’d like to have a little knowledge before we go.

What is your favorite wine or wine/food combo? Remember I’m a newbie, so please start me on something easy to drink!

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “I Need Your Help: Wine Edition

  1. Awe man, I can’t help you here. I never got into wine either and still don’t think I like it… well, except Sangria 🙂 I freaking LOVE Sangria 🙂 You should get some girlfriends together and go for a wine tasting. I think that might help you find what you like!


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