Fan Girl Friday: Girls Weekend Edition!



This weekend is our second annual Girls Weekend! You are probably wondering what do three moms in their 30’s do on a weekend away? Well, besides the fact that my girls are just awesome in general, we all want to do the same thing! We are going to be as lazy as possible, eat a lot of yummy food, watch tv (Leverage specifically) and if we decide to leave the condo we are going to do some Christmas shopping!

Here are some pics from last year:

CAM00194 IMG_20131005_171051 IMG_20131005_170827 IMG_20131005_170957 IMG_20131005_171129


I will be on Instagram and Twitter a bit this weekend.

Next week, I will be sharing my Black Friday purchases from Coastal Scents, Kiss My Sass and Geek Chic (if the Geek Chic package is here) and I will be posting a Julep Haul and Review, so stay tuned!

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

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