Review: Adama Minerals

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I hope everyone has a great turkey day!

I was contacted by Adama Minerals (I will always associate Adama with Bill and Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica, because I’m a nerd) and asked if I would like to check out some of their products and I have been using the products for a few weeks now and I’m ready to tell you guys what I think!

About Adama Minerals:at Adama Minerals we believe in the Earth’s ability to heal. Made with 100% pure Calcium Montmorillonite clay, our products harness the power of 57 trace minerals – the same power that has fueled ancient medical traditions from North America to Africa for centuries. Clay treatments for the face and body are phenomenally effective and are only made better by the homeopathic herbs we add to our products.

On to the products!


River Spring Ancient Clay Natural Soap Vegan, This soap bar is made with a high quality, nutrient rich clay combined with pure coconut and olive oil to naturally cleanse and balance your skin pH.  These oils are so high-quality that they’re even safe to eat. This is the only product included I haven’t tried yet, but that is because I am saving it for a girls weekend that I have coming up!

Tangerine Lip Balm Not Vegan, Natural ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Jojoba Oil heal chapped or dry lips and seal in intensive moisture for beautifully soft and healthy lips. This lip balm has become my bedside lip balm! It is super moisturizing and my lips have been in awesome shape since I started using this every night! I will be repurchasing!

Vanilla Orange and Shea Butter Moisture Intense Daily Lotion Not Vegan, This Super Intense Moisturizer combines more than 60 trace minerals with ultra-rich plant extracts of Chamomile, Yarrow Root, Almond Oil and Organic Shea Butter to help repair dryness and promote healing. This lotion smells exactly like an Orange Dreamsicle! This lotion says it is for use on face and body, but I have only used it for my hands. This lotion in combination with another product included in this review have been awesome for my allergy afflicted hands this month!

Ancient Clay Repair Vegan, Ancient Clay Repair Cream is a powerful combination of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herbs that fight the causes of itchy skin. Ancient Clay Repair Cream contains a blend of healing herbs and minerals that works to soothe the distressed area while also speeding up the healing process. This product has been the stand out star in this group! I have mentioned once before that I keep coming into contact with something I am allergic to, but can’t figure out what it is due to the fact that the reaction always occurs while I’m sleeping and is only on my fingers. It starts off with bright red skin, that itches like crazy and ends with very dry cracked skin. It will go back to normal and then anywhere from two weeks to two months later, it’s back. It makes me nuts! This cream has been a life saver by helping with the itching and in combination with the lotion has helped cut back on the dried skin! I will be repurchasing this for sure!


You can see the red itchy skin on my finger. I took this picture as I was about to use the Clay Repair for the first time.

So that is a wrap on the products Adama Minerals sent to me! I’m a little worried that they may be psychic because the products they sent to me were exactly what I needed/would have picked to try if I had found the company myself and purchased on my own!

Have you tried Adama Minerals? If you haven’t, I would highly recommend checking them out!

Thanks for reading!





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