Birthday Giveaway Winners!



I really want to thank Dr. Mira Herman and Alison from Rosemira and the founder of Pelle Beauty, Marnie Cipriani for being so generous in participating in my birthday giveaway! Also, a great big huge thanks to all of you! Thanks to everyone who entered and shared about the giveaway!

The winners were chosen at random via Rafflecopter!

The winner of the Rosemira Organics Giveaway is: areesha (@sweetestkitten1)

The winner of the Pelle Beauty giveaway is: Melanie A.

The winner of the Pacifica, Julep and Zoya giveaway is: Jennifer Lopez Guerrero

All winners have been contacted via email. Winners have 48 hours to reply with shipping information. If, you don’t see my email, please send me an email to: with your shipping information!

Thank you once again to everyone who participated!



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