New Rose Mira Skin Care Haul!

Hello! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! A few days ago I posted my review of Rose Mira’s I-Restore Eye Cream (which you can check out here). At the end of that review I offered you a sneak peak of my latest sample haul from Rose Mira and now I am officially posting the haul! Remember, that I used the Birthday Code from Ru Chan of Short Small & Sweet for 20% off these samples, and you can use it also, but the code expires October 4th! The code is SHORTSMALLSWEET20

Now, on to the haul!



One of the things I enjoy about opening my packages from Rose Mira is the care they take in the wrapping of their products. They always include potpourri in the package, so as soon as you open it you get a wave of yummy smells! Then they have cute wrapping paper and the adorable bags holding your products! I have only ordered sample sized products, so full size items may be packaged differently.



Dead Sea Citrus Mud Full Size 38.00/Sample 6.00 Our Dead Sea Mud is pure, nothing added but a few drops of essential oils. Dead Sea Mud clears acne breakouts and heals blemishes.  Acne is not a requirement for use however. The high mineral content has anti-aging properties and is rejuvenating for all skin types. When used weekly it will cleanse the skin, slough off dead skin cells, even skin tone and leave it soft and radiant.



Eye Love You Eye Serum Full Size: 42.00-140.00/Sample: 8.00 This potent serum will diminish dark circles under eyes, remove puffiness, improve elasticity, prevent new wrinkle formation and soften existing ones.  Can be used above and around the lip area as well. The deep floral scent is a welcome benefit.


Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream Full Size: 30.00-85.00/Sample: 6.00 Experience the best ingredients known to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. This effective moisturizer is divinely scented with Bulgarian Rose Concrete and essential oils of Neroli and Honey. It provides ongoing protection from the elements while soothing and uplifting your spirit.


Free Samples sent with my order:


Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk Full Size 38.00/Sample 7.00 An original combination of ingredients makes this cleanser popular with our clients. Bromelain, the enzyme found in Pineapple Extract, exfoliates dead skin cells. Honey, with its Anti-Aging properties, softens the skin, and Clementine adds a refreshing scent. This gentle and effective Cleansing Milk is perfect for your morning routine. It will revitalize your skin and stimulate your senses. The scent of Pineapple lingering on your skin is an added treat.

Sweet Coconut Body Butter Full Size 22.00-40.00/Sample 5.00 Rich and deeply penetrating, our Sweet Coconut Body Butter is layered with exotic fragrance. Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil is combined with Mango Butter and the sublime essential oils of Vanilla Bourbon and Sweet Orange, nourishing all skin types. It is also great for sun burns, for chaffed hands and dry feet. It dissolves immediately upon contact and is perfect for sensuous massage. 

I can’t wait to start using these products!

Don’t forget the 20% off code expires on October 4th!

Thanks for reading!


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