Rose Mira Skin Care Review (plus coupon code!)

Hello my friends!

At the beginning of this month I posted my Rose Mira Haul (which you can check out here). I wanted to give a review on my favorite item from that haul!



The first time I used this eye cream, I said out loud “Holy Crap”. Every consecutive time I applied it, there was some variation on “Holy crap”, “wow” or “this feels awesome”. Now you know one of my deep dark secrets: I talk out loud to myself…a lot, especially when excited.

Thoughts after using: I have noticed my under eye area is way less dry in the mornings and my under eye concealer applies much better.

Would I repurchase/purchase full size? Yes! I know what you are thinking $40 for .5 oz is crazy expensive and I agree that is a lot of money! However, the sample size lasts a long time (I still have some left) and it only $6. I would never want anyone to invest a large amount of money in something they haven’t tried yet, but the full size of this product is going on my wish list for my birthday in November because I love it!

I have been using all the products I purchased from Rose Mira and I would honestly recommend them all! I will be doing a review of the other products in that haul in one combined post, but I wanted to highlight this eye cream because it is amazing.

I recently made another purchase using the birthday code from Ru Chan at Short Small & Sweet the code is SHORTSMALLSWEET20 and you can use it on the sample sizes! This code is good through October 4th!

Here is a peek at what I ordered:


Dead Sea Citrus Mud, Eye Love You Eye Serum, Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream (all samples)

Here is a peek at the samples that were included:



Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk and Sweet Coconut Body Butter (received this previously in a Petit Vour box and I love it!)

I am working on a proper haul post for these items and it will be up soon!

Have you tried Rose Mira? If yes, what is your favorite product? If no, what is your favorite cruelty free eye cream?

Thanks for reading!




4 thoughts on “Rose Mira Skin Care Review (plus coupon code!)

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