Jamberry First Impression & Review

When Valerie of Atlanta Mom of Three asked if I had tried Jamberry Nails and I said I hadn’t, I decided to find out if they were cruelty free. I emailed Jamberry through their website and asked if they tested on animals and if they sold in China where testing is required by law. Caroline emailed me back with the following: None of Jamberry’s products are tested on animals. Jamberry doesn’t distribute in China; only in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. All Jamberry’s product are non-toxic and don’t damage the nail. She then asked if I would like some wraps to try and review and I replied yes!

Even though these wraps were sent to me free of charge, my review will be 100% honest. Since I didn’t purchase them through a friend who is selling the wraps, I don’t have to worry about helping or hurting anyone’s business.

I was sent Victorian Lace and Adam’s Favorite:


There are easy to follow instructions on Jamberry’s Website here and I also found a channel on YouTube Beauty and Jams who also had some great easy to follow videos!

After watching several videos, I decided to jump in and try Victorian Lace.

You start by gathering the supplies you will need: Nail Polish Remover (to rub on finger nails to remove oil), Hair Dryer, Cuticle Stick, Nail Scissors and a Nail File.

You  find the wrap that best fits your nail by holding the sheet over your nails and find the closest match. It is better for the wrap to be slightly too narrow than too wide.

Then use your cuticle stick (I hope that is the correct term?!) to gently lift the edge of the wrap off the sheet:


You want to touch the wraps with your fingers as little as possible. When you have lifted enough of the wrap to fit your nail, cut with scissors. Leave the cut portion of the wrap attached to your cuticle stick and hold in front of your hair dryer 5 – 10 seconds. Once the wrap is heated apply to your nail. Make sure to adhere the curved end toward your cuticle and not the cut end! Press down firmly with the cuticle stick and make sure to use enough pressure to remove any air bubbles. You then want to trim the edges and using the nail file trim off the excess using downward strokes.



Nail Color is Julep’s Claudette, which is a nice brick red.


Would I purchase? Yes! I have been browsing the website and noticed several Halloween and Christmas/Winter themed wraps I would love to own.

Would I recommend Jamberry Nail Wraps: Yes, I would! They are 15.00 a sheet, but you get several uses out of each sheet.

My verdict on Jamberry Nail Wraps: Clearly my technique needs some work, but these are super easy to use! My technique will be improving because I intend to keep using this product and I am going to work on a pedicure next!

I hope this First Impression/Review was helpful!

Have you tried Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Thanks for reading!

*I do not sell Jamberry Nail Wraps and am not affiliated with anyone who sells Jamberry Nail Wraps. The YouTube Channel linked above was something I found helpful, but I do not know the owner of Beauty and Jams.


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