Fan Girl Friday Vol 3: Shopkick, Roku & World War Z


In this volume of Fan Girl Friday I have three things I want to share with you!!

First up is my favorite app for my phone!

It is the shopkick app** Shopkick is the main way I save money on buying makeup and other random things I really really want, but am too cheap to spend big bucks on! It is free and so easy to use. You download the app and you get points (or kicks) when you walk into certain stores (Target, JC Penny, Old Navy and many more), you can also get kicks by scanning items in store or by flipping through the look books in the app. When you have enough points you can turn the points into gift cards. I usually use my points for gift cards to Sephora or Target. I currently have a 10.00 Sephora gift card on my phone and I am close to earning another one! Once I have earned another gift card I am going to get some free makeup!

Second on my list is our Roku.

We have one for our bedroom tv (we don’t have cable in there). It is one of my all time favorite inventions. It is super small and once it is connected to your tv and home wifi you can download Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and tons of free or cheap Roku channels! Also, if you have a cable or satellite subscription you can also download some of your favorite cable channels and watch currently playing shows or whatever is on demand for that channel. The Roku is so easy to use and a great investment!

Last up, is the novel World War Z.

If you have only seen the movie with Brad Pitt, I would really urge you to read the novel. Pretty much the only thing the movie and novel have in common is the name of the main character (Gerry – Brad Pitt’s character in the movie) and the title of the book/movie. They movie changed the entire story line. I was totally disappointed! The novel (to me anyway) is a new take on the zombie genre due to the fact that it takes place after the zombie apocalypse. Gerry is traveling the world and interviewing survivors and getting their stories for history. As a history nerd, I loved it! You still get the suspense in each interview/chapter of how the person being interviewed made it out alive, but in a new and interesting take. The movie was an okay zombie movie, but the book is awesome!

Have you used/read anything on this Fan Girl Friday list? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

**This is a personal referral link, I don’t get money, but I do get points if you sign up and use the app.

3 thoughts on “Fan Girl Friday Vol 3: Shopkick, Roku & World War Z

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