I am on Vacation!

The first week of school for Liam equals a Staycation for me!

It is a time for me to catch up on sleep and just be totally lazy and self indulgent during the day.

Yesterday, Trent took the day off (he always takes the first day of school off, so we can drop Liam off together) and we stayed home and marathoned most of Season 2 of Teen Wolf.

Today is an at home vacation day for me. I plan to lay in bed and rest! Liam doesn’t need as much sleep as a typical four year old, so I am going to be lazy today!

Tomorrow or Friday I plan on hitting Sephora and getting some samples of products I want to try and eating lunch (all by myself!) in a nice (non fast food) restaurant and reading a book!

It is going to be glorious!

I will be back next week with lots of blog posts that I have planned out, so stay tuned! This week, I will be on Twitter and Instagram and will also be getting caught up on my favorite blogs, so I will be around!

Thanks for reading!

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