Fan Girl Friday: Arrow Season 1


I am starting a new series called Fan Girl Friday (FGF).  Each Friday, I will do a blog post about something I am really enjoying (obsessed with) at the moment.  It could be a tv show, movie, book, music, other blogs.  Pretty much anything and everything that is consuming my thoughts.

For our first FGF, I want to talk to you about season one of Arrow and by talk I mean ramble incoherently! There are plenty of people who post in depth meta/analysis of their favorite tv shows, but sadly I am not one of them, I just want to talk about the awesomeness.  My friends are sick of me describing how awesome this show is (they don’t watch), so I thought I would ramble to the internet.

Are you watching this show?? Why isn’t season 2 out on Netflix yet? I realize they just finished season 2 this year and the dvd’s aren’t even available for purchase yet, but don’t come at me with logic like that!! I NEED TO SEE SEASON TWO!!

Spoilers for Season 1 below:

My favorite character is Felicity Smoak.  She is my spirit animal.


I was very surprised by how much I loved this show. I really wish I had caught this from the beginning as it is really hard to avoid spoilers online!

I really need Oliver and Felicity to stop making googly eyes at each other and start making genius archer babies.  Like right now! I know some people who ‘ship “Olicity” (Oliver/Felicity together) can’t stand Laurel Lance’s character, but I really like her.  Maybe that will change as I get caught up.

Also, this show has had guest appearances by Alex Kingston and John Barrowman. How could I not love any show that has River Song and Captain Jack??

Do you watch Arrow?  If you do, tell me why you love it in the comment section below!! Let me know what you think I should feature on future FGF posts!

Thanks for reading!



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