Ten Years

cake topper

Today is our ten year wedding anniversary!  It seems a little weird that it has been ten years already.  I wanted to share some pictures from our wedding and then a few random snapshots of our life.

Our (separate) arrival.  Check out the cell phone (with antenna!) in my hand and Trent’s shoes for a glimpse into the distant past (he did NOT wear those things for the ceremony)!

 arrival cropped

trent arrival cropped

 Dressed and waiting to start!

pre wedding chilling



leaving ceremony

 The ring on top was made for me by my parents as my something old.  It has two pearls from the earrings that my grandmother and mother wore for their weddings and in the center is the diamond from mom’s engagement ring (before dad upgraded her ring for one of their anniversaries)


  We had a Dessert Reception.  Basically any kind of yummy goodness you can think of was available.  Sadly, I can’t find any pictures of the food!

Monograms were big in 2004!  My Aunt Lynn was awesome enough to take create all the decorations.  She did our bouquets, cake topper, table runners with monogram and every other beautiful decoration at our wedding!

cake with candles

Clearly, I thought my new husband was hilarious!


dont do itgarter

And we are on our way!

leaving car

Now on to some random pictures from our ten years together!

Pregnant with Liam

very pregnant

Liam’s First Halloweenliam first halloween


Trent’s Graduation Night

trent graduation

At a Party this Year:

joys party

It has been a great ten years and I can’t wait for the next ten!

Thanks for reading!

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