My Mini Summer First Aid Kit

first aid 1



When hot weather arrives here in Florida, it brings with it a need to have certain items with you at all times.  I like to make a mini kit that will fit in my purse, so that if we find ourselves unexpectedly playing at the park or just outside in general, we are totally covered!  I’m going to break down what the must haves in my summer first aid kit!

First up: Sunscreen!  This is really a year round need here in the Sunshine State, but once it starts getting really hot, it is foolish not to have backup!  I bought this travel sized Banana Boat Sport at Target.  Ideally, if we are going to be in the water or outside for a long time we would use a higher SPF, but SPF 30 works in a pinch!

Second: Neosporin Neo to Go** Liam has a tendency to get going really fast and sometimes he trips and scrapes a knee, arm, and one time his face!  I love that this is in a spray form as it is much easier to spray Liam down that try to get him to stop and let me apply the gel version.

Third: BUGSPRAY! Seriously, Florida is swarming with mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies and pretty much any other unpleasant biting/stinging insect you can imagine.  I also bought this travel sized OFF Deep Woods Spray at Target.  Liam and I both have pretty ugly allergic reactions to insect bites (think major swelling and oozing) and the Deep Woods Spray is our go to prevention method!

Not Pictured: Bandaids and Baby Wipes.  The Bandaids tend to settle at the bottom of the bag and I keep the wipes in their own separate bag.  The wipes are a quick way to get dirt out of scrapes and of course they work at cleaning up dirty faces and hands!

liam slide 1

I try to have as many quick products in my kit as possible because this cute guy on the slide?  He rarely slows down for anything!

What are your must have summer first aid products?  Anything I am forgetting?

**I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes and I am entering a Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.



2 thoughts on “My Mini Summer First Aid Kit

  1. Hi There! Eventhough it is winter in Australia (shortest day of the year today!), I keep a similar kit with me or at least in the car! The sun is superstrong here and don’t get me started on the bugs. Mydaughter is allergic to mosquitos and swells up in huge lumps.
    Nice post, Looking forward to reading more about all your cruelty free products reviews.
    Barbe xo


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