Mother’s Day LUSH Experience

So for my Mother’s Day Gift I received a shopping spree at LUSH!  Here is a pic of my loot:


This is actually from two separate trips to LUSH.  The first trip I bought the Tender is the Night Massage Bar and the Vanillary Solid Perfume.








Tender is the Night Massage Bar.  You warm it up with your hands and it starts to melt on your skin.  This thing is no joke and it feels SO AWESOME & Smells Yummy! This product is Vegan.







Vanillary is obviously a vanilla based scent.  I love how convenient having a solid perfume has been.  I can take this everywhere without worrying about breaking.  This product is Vegan.

On this trip, I received a sample of the Ultrabland Cleanser.  I had finally used up Philosophy’s Purity and was looking to replace it with a cruelty free option.  I used up the very generous sample and decided to head back to LUSH and purchase Ultrabland!








Ultrabland Cleanser does not have any scent (that I can detect, but more on that below).  You can apply this directly to your face as a makeup remover and cleanser in one and then use a warm cloth to remove.  I tend to use a makeup removing wipe first and then apply the Ultrabland.  To remove, I spray toner and wipe clean with a cotton pad.  This stuff seriously leaves my face feeling super soft (I keep having to stop myself from touching my face it is so soft!).  I don’t miss using Purity at all, and actually have been enjoying this product a ton!  This product contains Beeswax so it is not vegan, but is cruelty free!







Breath of Fresh Air Toner  I have not used a Toner since High School, which was a really long time ago.  All I remember from using Toner/Astringent was the burning and shoving my face in front of a fan to make it stop!  LUSH’s toners are nothing like those old pain inducing products!  I spray this on my face, while I still have the Ultrabland on and then remove them both together.  It is Amazing!  This product is Vegan.

I grabbed the next two items as impulse buys at the register:









The Charity Pot is a very luxurious feeling hand and body lotion.  However, the reason I bought it was 100% of the price (minus tax) goes to several charities (click link to learn more). This product is Vegan.








Bubblegum Lip Scrub  I have a problem with chapped lips.  It’s this whole annoying thing where I don’t drink enough water and bam! chapped lips.  I have actually been doing better about my water intake, but this little guy jumped out at me at the register and once my LUSH associate told me I could actually eat it, I was sold!  It works really really well and if you are interested tastes very good!  This is a Vegan Product.

So above I mentioned that there was no scent I could detect in the Ultrabland Cleanser.  The reason I point that out is that I have a very weird sense of smell.  It may be due to the many seizures I have had (I have epilepsy), so honestly I try to never describe what things smell like to me because what I think is pleasant could be overpowering to some or the other way around where I think it has no scent and people think I am crazy!

One of the primary reasons I fell in love with LUSH (besides their cruelty free products) is that I can actually SMELL most of their products.  I was never really into Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop because their lotions all smelled off to me and the body sprays/perfumes only ever smelled like alcohol.  My totally uneducated guess (total speculation on my part) for the reason I can smell LUSH products is because there are no fillers (or very few).

I also just want to say that every single person at both LUSH stores I visited was very well educated on their products and took their time to explain their answers to my questions.  I plan on going back many times and it is a good thing for my budget that the closest LUSH is 45 minutes away from where I live!

Have you ever been to LUSH?  What is your favorite product?

Thanks for reading!

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