Sargento Ultra Thin Slices Vox Box

If you look over to the right of my blog, you will see a button that says I am a member of Influenster Nation.  If you don’t know about Influenster, it is a site that is free to join and you earn points by reviewing products and taking quizzes. Occasionally, Influenster will send you a Vox Box (it’s FREE!) and they ask for your opinion on the products they send you.

I am not sure what magical computer algorithms Influenster employs to choose who gets what box, but however it works, it peered through the vast internet and said “Yes! Amber is our Sargento girl!”….and they were right!  When I got the notice that I qualified for this program I went into my refrigerator and snapped this picture:

Clearly Influenster knew what they were doing.  We almost always have Sargento in the house!

Clearly Influenster knew what they were doing. We almost always have Sargento in the house!

Then the box came!

sargento box

Inside the box was a cute lunch bag and a voucher for a free package of Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese:



As you can see above, I chose Sharp Cheddar.  The Ultra Thin Sargento  Sharp Cheddar Slices have 45 Calories per slice as opposed to 80 Calories per slice of the Deli Style Sliced Sharp Cheddar.

One of our favorite things to eat at our house is grilled cheese.  I know that doesn’t sound super exciting, but we do like to mix it up with different cheeses.  I chose to make a grilled ham and cheese on fresh sourdough bread, as it was a simple sandwich that would showcase the cheese:

grilled ham and cheese

You can’t have a grilled cheese without a yummy dill pickle!

It was so yummy!  I made several more sandwiches and then used the remaining slices on top of Triscuit Crackers as a post workout snack.  I have tried other flavors in the Ultra Thin line, but this was my first experience with the Sharp Cheddar, but it definitely will not be the last!

Have you tried any of the Sargento Ultra Thin Cheeses? What did you think?



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