So Yeah

Last Monday, Liam woke up with his eyes coated in thick goopy stuff, to where he couldn’t open them and they were bright red.  Took him into the doctor and he had double pink eye, an ear and a sinus infection.  So we were on lockdown all week last week.  It is not fun to have to forcibly put eye drops into a screaming four year olds eyes.  At least he is pretty good with oral medicine and took his antibiotic and cough medicine just fine.

Well, Saturday Trent woke up with a massive headache, sore throat and cough and has progressively gotten worse.  This morning around 2:00 a.m. I woke up with a throat that felt like it’s on fire and a cough. Super Awesome.  I’m hopeful that we won’t get pink eye because I was lysoling the heck out of everything Liam touched last week.

In other words:

That is why I didn’t have any blog entries up last week, and may not have any this week, depending on how fast I can get rid of this junk.  I do have a collective haul planned for you guys.  I’m also around on Twitter and Instagram, so if you haven’t found me, look me up as posting a tweet or picture is easier right now.

Thanks for reading and hopefully the Haul post at least will be up soon!


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