Weekly Wrap Up

So I haven’t been around much this week due to it being Liam’s Spring Break, so here is a very quick recap:

We tried potty training with Liam and while he seemed more interested than last time, he still wasn’t quite ready. So I will try again with Liam this summer.

We also celebrated Liam’s 4th birthday this weekend! I can not believe my baby is 4.  It is unreal.

In a bout of what can only be temporary insanity I joined a gym this week.  My first session with the trainer is Monday. I may include some future blog posts about how the training and exercising is going.

That is pretty much all that happened this week 🙂  Thank you for reading!



I’m pretty sure my trainer and I will have a similar conversation tomorrow! Source


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

    • Just saw your comment! My trainer killed me Monday with an insane amount of squats and step ups and other horrible things. I also did planks for the first time with her and they were awful…but I felt pretty proud of myself after so I will be going back 🙂


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