Liam Update


Just wanted to write an update to what has been happening with Liam since this time last year.

Just in case you are a new reader, my son, Liam has Moderate Autism.  He is not very verbal but is making progress.  When your child has autism a lot of things that parents of typically developing kids take for granted are causes for big celebration because communication is really hard for Autistic kiddos.  That is why if you have only ever been around neurotypical (NT) kids you may read the following and be like “Why is she so excited about that??”  The reason it is so exciting is because he works so hard all of the time just to start to be understood.

Liam has been in his autism preschool class for a year next month.  He has made huge progress.  Huge doesn’t actually begin to describe how hard he has worked.  I’m not even sure I can adequately describe how amazing school has been for him.  His vocabulary has exploded.  His communication is still not at age level (he is almost 4 but his language is around that of a 2 year old), but he has words he can use to get his point across and he has started POINTING HIS FINGER to indicate wants he doesn’t have words for yet.  That is a huge huge step.  That is him starting to realize that if he indicates a need/want/desire to someone else (communication!) he will get his need/want/desire met!

We have our annual IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting next month, which is always stress inducing, because some of his goals have been met, but some haven’t quite been achieved yet.  In IEP meetings are hard because you have to go in willing to throw down to get the services your child may need, but still be polite.  It is a hard line to walk sometimes.  Luckily, my county is pretty awesome.  This will be our second IEP meeting so I’m hoping it goes as smooth as last year.  I will be studying my Special Education rights books again as we get closer to the meeting, so please don’t judge me if my posts start to sound a little stressed out.

Liam putting "izza" in his mouth for the first time last week.  It is hard for him to try new food so this was an awesome step for him (even if he didn't take a bite)!

Liam putting “izza” in his mouth for the first time last week. It is hard for him to try new food so this was an awesome step for him (even if he didn’t take a bite)!

I may write up a post later with all of the words Liam uses on a regular basis, so I have it saved somewhere I can easily grab it for the IEP.

Thank you so much for reading this proud Mama’s brag post!


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