Where have I been?

I know I have been MIA from this blog for a long freaking time.  I think I was mostly just not sure what to say or how to say it?  I felt pressure that if this was going to be a blog about parenting a kid with autism I needed to be profound and wise….yeah that is not me.  I am a nerd and a dork absolutely NOT  profound.  So it kind of came to me recently that this blog doesn’t have to be just about autism and Liam it can be about ANYTHING I WANT…so it will be 🙂  (remember how I said I was not profound, well there ya go).  So a quick rundown of what has been going on:

I turned 35 (!) in November.  I never had a hard time with any other big birthday (ex 21, 25, 30) but for some reason 35 just seems so grown up and responsible and I freaked out a little.

Liam will be 4 in March.  I can not even deal with that!  He has been going to Pre-school Mon-Friday at our neighborhood Public School and is in the Autism Class there.  We also have him in private speech therapy 2x a week.  He has made so much progress that it will require it’s own special post (which should be coming soon).

Trent changed jobs to a way less stressful job with less insane work hours YAY!

Anyway that was the quick rundown, some of this stuff I will be going more in depth in future posts!

Thanks for reading!


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