The Name of the Doctor

Link to my immediate reaction after watching:


I still can’t bring myself to re-watch it.  I’m trying to get my husband caught up in time for the 50th anniversary special in November, maybe by then I’ll have some distance and can watch w/out crying.  We just finished Season 5 last night…and the whole time we were watching “The Pandorica Opens” I was thinking…”River!  You can’t be gone!!”  I’m still in denial and hoping that due to Clara being in the library with Ten and Donna she saved River somehow.  Don’t try and reason with me…I won’t be reasoned with!


2 thoughts on “The Name of the Doctor

  1. I haven’t rewatched it yet either. Actually I did just rewatch one of the BBC America specials on the companions. Of course when they brought Rory and Amy I just lost it all over again. With The Name of the Doctor I am more confused than ever. I need to do a total rewatch and check out some Doctor Who wiki sites. As far as the the “explanation” on Clara – I’m just …. I don’t know … it made my brain all wibbly-wobbly


    • I love me some Amy & Rory…I am having a hard time with re-watching with the hubby not yelling “Pay attention and love them while you can because they will be gone and NEVER COME BACK” huh I may still be a little upset about them leaving …and I am totally with you on the wibbly-wobbly.


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