Doctor Who & The End of Season Four

I don’t have much to say except for I hate how much this show makes me love it.

Let me leave you with a pic/gif explosion of my feelings about Donna and the end of the 10th Doctor.

new girl ugly cry    cryit isnt fair


6 thoughts on “Doctor Who & The End of Season Four

  1. Wow! That was enough to make search and start downloading it. Thanks!


  2. If you think Doctor Who is a heartbreak, just wait until you see Torchwood.


    • Sorry it took so long to reply! I got caught up on Torchwood recently. I can NOT deal with Ianto’s ending he and Jack are living a happy life in Cardiff hunting Weevils and nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise! 🙂


      • No problem. I like your idea. I think I will join you in that belief. I still haven’t seen the 4th season of Torchwood because it’s not on Netflix. I heard it takes place in the USA (???)


      • Yes, it takes place in the USA. I personally didn’t care for it as much as the third season…mostly cause Ianto wasn’t in it. It has a totally different feel to it. My husband, who has only seen the 4th season loved it, but I’m still working on getting him to start at season one.


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