This is awesome. I feel like I just had a lightbulb moment. Thank you!

a diary of a mom


What do you see?


Yesterday morning, I read a blog post that set off an avalanche. It started slowly at first, an “Uh huh,” followed by a “Yes!” and then building to a crescendo of “Oh my God, that’s IT!” Before I knew it, thoughts and emotions that have been building and building came thundering down the mountain and there was nothing to do but give in – to the overwhelming power of the truths — the big, fat, even painful truths — that had been taking shape in my head — to which someone else had miraculously given life.

In her post about a prompted typing session with her mostly non-speaking daughter, Ariane shines a light on a basic, if terrifying reality — if a human being can’t DEMONSTRATE their knowledge in a way that is understandable to the majority of other human beings, well, we (the…

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