The Last of the Time Lords…or yes, that is my brain exploding.

I can not even.  How? What  How? As Giles would say “Three excellent questions “.

how what how

My brain is not working.  Before I leave a pic/gif explosion to express myself I do want to say one thing about Martha.  She was awesome!  Just as I start warming up to her she leaves.  Boo.

Now on to what liquified my brain:

Captain Jack Harkness is the Face of Boe????

face of boe

    mind blown    mindblown     what    

Now I have to make a list to go back and watch all the episodes with The Face of Boe in them.  Also, now I have to start Torchwood.  I don’t have time to start another show (except I just watched the first three episodes after I finished Season three of Doctor Who).  I may just have to accept that I will never clear out my DVR full of my other shows because I will be watching Doctor Who and Torchwood until the end of time….or at least until Captain Jack becomes The Face of Boe.


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