The Time Article “Redefining Crazy…”

This article title ticks me off.  Instead of being able to read the rest of the article to get information that I am genuinely interested in, I am just so freaking ANGRY.  The new DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) has come out and as Liam has Autism I try to keep up to date on things that may affect him.

Seriously Time magazine?  This is the kind of stigmatizing language you choose to use in your headline?  Never mind the fact that the DSM covers hundreds of conditions from stuttering, dyslexia, anxiety, and oh yeah AUTISM but even if it only covered issues like bi-polar, schizophrenia, depression etc using the word “crazy” to describe mental illness is NOT okay!!

I can not even describe how frustrated this makes me as a mother of a child with Autism.  We have enough stigma with people using the term “retarded” to describe our children because they communicate differently.  Yes my son walks on his toes and flaps his hands when excited but he is not stupid and is absolutely NOT crazy.

I am done ranting about this for now.  I reserve the right to rant again later.




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