The Vampire Diaries 4×07 My Brother’s Keeper Rant


tumblr_m3e6hkor7n1r3ws4ho1_500I have had many shows in which I analyze them in-depth and or get obsessive about, Lost was my biggest to date but there was also Buffy and Angel before that and I think I am leaning that way in my new Doctor Who love…TVD is not one of those shows it is all about fun for me, so I probably will not do a lot of “reaction” type posts for it but I was so annoyed by Stefan and even Caroline this episode!

What the heck is up with Stefan forcing Jeremy to kill that vamp??  Then he was all “Huh maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” after Jeremy staked him in the gut! Which I cheered a little when he did.  Stefan is not my favorite.  He is such a manipulative freak.  At least with Damon he is upfront about his jerkiness.

I am not a shipper.  I don’t care which brother Elena ends up with or if she decides to do something crazy like be with Elijah or *gasp* be SINGLE.  I understand why Caroline does not like Damon (hello Season One), but I really don’t like her and Stefan sitting around and deciding something must be done to fix Elena.  The girl said she does not want the cure if it would hurt her brother.  Caroline is one of my favorite characters but her whole Stefan hero-worship is going to get her in trouble.

//End Rant//

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