Liam Speaks

Trent and I were getting Liam ready for bed earlier this week and I grabbed his Teddy Bear off the couch and asked if he wanted his teddy.  Liam looked at me and looked at the bear and said “Teddy”.  I quickly gave him the bear and he said it again!  I looked over at Trent and said “Did you hear??” Trent said “Yes!”  We let Liam hold Teddy while we were getting his PJs on and he said “Teddy” several more times.

I also had a report from his teacher at school that on Thursday during music when they were singing a song about a dog that Liam said dog!

Liam has also been playing appropriately with dolls, horses and dinosaurs.  When playing with horses we can even get  him to repeat us and make a “neigh” sound.

Progress tends to comes in spurts and thenwill  even out for a while, but we will happily take whatever we can get!

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