Doctor Who

This is going to be a post of nerdiness/fangirling!

So I don’t know how I have managed to live my 34 years without the awesomeness that is Dr. Who.  I just finished up the first thirteen episodes with Christopher Eccleston.  Loved it!  Can’t wait to keep going!  I hope I like the new Doctor!

Also, we just got my parent’s Wii and have Netflix hooked up so I can now watch on a tv and not just my laptop.  Yay technology!



5 thoughts on “Doctor Who

  1. I am in season 4, and feel the same way! I’m even knitting a Doctor who scarf (even though I haven’t watched the old Doctor Who). It was really sad after Eccleston left and it took me w little while to get used to David Tennant but I now I am loving him just as much. Enjoy!


  2. It is the best show ever check out old who too, even the black and white stories they may not be perfect but they have a charm all of their own. The sets and special effects are the best but the heart of the show will make up for it.


    • I kind of remember watching some of the old Who when I was a kid…the one with Tom Baker and his crazy hair and scarf. I don’t remember the stories just his scarf and that hair. I think I will take your advice and go back and watch them when I’m caught up!


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