Don’t Judge Me (Please?)

Just a quick note to start with…please don’t judge my spelling/grammar in these posts.  I will mostly be writing at night after I have my Sleepy Time Tea (which is awesome) so I don’t usually edit.

Well it’s March and Liam’s birthday is in two weeks!  I decided to update because I have some time since most of my TV shows have been in hiatus for a few weeks.

Liam has been making very good progress with using signs.  We have “please”, “more” and “candy” (we use yogurt covered raisins for his candy).  We are currently working on “cracker” and “cookie”.  Food seems to be Liam’s biggest motivator for now.  When we try and work on the signs for “ball” or “bubbles” he gets annoyed and decides to play with something else.  Another good update is he is babbling more and will occasionally repeat word sounds when “K” (Liam’s Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist ITDS) works with him.  Just today we heard “up” and “beep beep”.  SCORE!


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